CollectiveCrunch and Fingrid launch Linda Energy

CollectiveCrunch Helps Balancing of Finland Energy Grid

Fingrid Deploys Linda Energy service by CollectiveCrunch

Fingrid is the transmission network operator for the Finnish energy grid. One of Fingrid’s most critical operational challenges is to balance its network’s supply and demand of energy. The balancing of power generation and power demand is a must at any time. Failing to balance supply and demand would destabilise a network serving millions of people, families and firms. Accurate predictions are essential to avoid blackouts and critical system downtime.

Fingrid has selected CollectiveCrunch’s Linda Energy SaaS solution, which aggregates past and current energy grid data and weather forecasts. With the use of the latest AI technology, Linda Energy identifies patterns and correlations in the data and models these patterns into prediction models. This approach significantly exceeds prediction accuracy of conventional prediction models across the time horizon from 1 hour to 36 hours.

“At Fingrid, we work with startups to bring in a fresh perspective and technology innovation”, says Jonne Jäppinen, Development Manager: “CollectiveCrunch convinced us from the Hackathon to the product with their AI expertise and determination to bring the proof of concept to a solution that works in the real world.”

CollectiveCrunch is working with the forestry and energy industries to use the Linda Energy predictions for their specific energy trading needs.

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