In an ideal world you know what forest assets you are buying. However, current systems are 20-50% off in calculating wood mass of target areas.

Working with industry leaders in forest management and wood processing, we have developed Linda Forest to give you full transparency in your purchase decision. Linda Forest predicts wood mass, wood species and wood quality of target areas far more accurate than existing conventional methods

For investors in forestry assets Linda Forest provides unprecedented visibility. Your valuation of target investments becomes more accurate, you can value your assets more accurately, and when selling assets or harvests you have more accurate data driving your pricing decisions.

For production plants Linda Forest predicts wood mass, species and quality of target stands. Entering purchasing requirements (quantity, species, quality) into our system, Linda Forest will rank stands (compartments) within the target region by suitability.

Using artificial intelligence, the system is far more accurate than conventional methods in predicting key features of forest assets.

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